Ode Donata

300 million years ago, life first learned to fly.

When, long before the dinosaur, a dragon claimed the sky.

100 million generations, that all look much the same,

have been perfecting flight, and sight, earning their fearsome name.

While we see only half the world, and colors, only three,

the dragon sees it all at once, in 30 hues, three times as rapidly.

Faster than a charging bear, 100 miles in a day,

or motionless, or in reverse, pursuing tiny prey.

Once all five eyes have locked on tight, and all four wings are beating,

their target’s fate is all but sealed, its final moments fleeting.

No earthly mammal’s yet been born more certain of success

than is this tiny titan on it’s patch of wilderness.

So when next you dip your toes into some pristine little stream,

and lazily take in the day and idly start to dream,

lose yourself in joyful awe as right before your eyes,

that awesome, ancient, miracle, the mighty dragon flies.

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